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Self-Guided Virtual Tour

The Muskegon South Pierhead Light is located at the Muskegon Lake entrance channel at Lake Michigan, 500 feet from shore and the 1905 USLSS Station, currently owned by NOAA. In order to reach the lighthouse, you must first enter through the Pere Marquette Park, locate a parking spot in either the Pere Marquette Park, the GLNMM (at the east end of the Maritime Heritage Trail) or in Margaret Drake Elliot Park adjacent and to the east of the USCG Station and then by foot, walk along the designated sidewalk and footpath through the NOAA Lake Michigan Field Station to the South Pier. All of the sidewalks and footpaths are in good condition and sometimes blowing sand slightly covers them.

On the COE pier, there is a vertical rise of about one foot across the entire length of the pier that you must step up onto in order to access the rest of the pier to the lighthouse. The pier is level and in good physical condition based upon our own observations and is approximately 45 to 50 feet wide. Next to the boat basin the pier is entirely unprotected with railings as it is a work area. The sides of the pier after the 1905 USLSS out to the lighthouse are lined and protected on both sides with metal posts painted blue with a protective safety cable railing system to prevent people from getting to close to the perimeter of the pier and falling into the water. A service trench with a partial and broken metal conduit in it runs the rest of the length of the pier to the base of the lighthouse and into it. This service trench as far as we can tell is not being used. The trench is about eight inches wide and 10 inches deep approximately.

Once up on the pier from the step, you walk the rest of the way down the pier. Once at the base of the lighthouse, you notice the footing or foundation that the light tower sits in, which is an octagonal concrete footing that is approximately 15 foot in diameter and one foot tall. The light tower is secured to the octagonal base via numerous large bolts and nuts.

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